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e2Value®’s business-to-business applications and digital workflows can enhance the position and profits of all parties in the property insurance chain. We offer quick, accurate, cost-effective estimators that add value to your bottom line. Our solutions enable the valuation to become a part of your sales process. Our products work for homes of all values, and virtually any commercial or farm & ranch structure. The architecture of our system ensures that the valuation will be in line with final value (reduces “bait and switch” stereotype of insurance). The e2Value® system is engineered so that it: reduces training needs and costs; provides built-in quality control measures; is a digital infrastructure/central delivery; and improves cash flow and receivables.


Whether you write commercial, residential, or farm & ranch business, e2Value® has an estimator that will exceed your needs. Prior to development we conducted extensive consultation with agents about their needs. The result is a system that only takes 2 minutes to perform an estimate. All of the information can be found in realtor listings or agents can use one of our easy to use worksheets while on the phone. The e2Value® system is the only agency-focused estimator capable of handling both high and low value homes, commercial, and farm & ranch properties without switching software.


Carriers have unique: cultures, workflows, and sets of business needs. e2Value® is very sensitive to those facts, so our system was designed to be flexible enough to meet any carrier’s needs large or small, publicly traded, privately held or mutual. Our system is low impact on your company’s IT resources, it is extremely easy to deploy, and we provide all the metrics for reporting and tracking. If any of our offerings don’t quite fit your business model, then customization is a snap with our modular architecture.

Inspection Companies

Inspection companies deserve a valuation company who understands their business. In addition to servicing their diverse carrier clients, inspection companies each have their own varied workflows, IT infrastructure, and staffing requirements. As a result, e2Value® built a system tailored to inspection companies that: is easy to train new staff, is easy to use, provides consistency among users, contains integrated quality controls, integrates seamlessly with existing management systems and provides digital delivery in a variety of formats for your diverse customer-base.


Claims adjusters deserve a technology partner who understands that there are a variety of choices in the market place. Adjusters’ lives have been dramatically changed in recent years to increased competition, improved technology, and pressure from carriers to decrease costs while offering added value services at the same time. As a result e2Value®, Inc.® offers adjusters a solution to increase productivity and save time.

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