Inspection Workflow Solutions

e2Value® provides fast, cost-effective inspection workflow solutions for insurance carriers and inspection companies.

e2Value® provides fast, cost-effective inspection workflow solutions that can be used by both insurance carriers and inspection companies to streamline the inspection process and facilitate collaboration between stakeholders.

For insurance carriers

The e2Value inspection workflow solution for insurance carriers allows you to order and receive inspections online from third party vendors or your own internal inspectors.

Our workflow solution offers the ability to complete condition reports, calculate valuations and add digital photos to the inspection report. This system helps facilitate notification between carriers and inspectors both before the inspection and when it has been completed. All information is contained in one report that is retained so that all parties can access it for easy reviewing or updating.

For inspection companies

The e2Value inspection workflow solution for inspection vendors eliminates the need for vendors to devote internal resources to creating their own internal workflow solutions. Our software easily integrates with existing systems to automate workflow and start generating values immediately.

With the e2Value solution, inspection requests can be sent to your field inspectors, who can then fill out the condition reports, the valuation data and add photos online. The completed inspection can be sent back to the home office for review and upon approval, an email can be sent to notify the carrier that the completed inspection is available online for review.

Bottom-line benefits

Years of real-world experience have shown that our inspection workflow solution can save you time and money, minimize the impact on your own corporate resources and provide consistent valuations in a secure environment

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