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Cogitate Technology Solutions and e2Value announce their partnership to offer pre-integrated, enhanced property intelligence data with Cogitate’s DigitalEdge Insurance Platform. This seamless integration of e2Value’s patented replacement cost estimators and data sets with Cogitate’s intelligent underwriting workbench drives greater profitability through advanced risk assessment and accurate pricing for personal and commercial properties.

“Our clients, both carriers and intermediaries with delegated underwriting authority, are seeking ways to improve performance ratios. Our products support cost-effective premium growth, improved risk selection, and streamlined claims management to meet their goals for growth and profitability. Cogitate’s journey of delivering great user experience powered by third-party integrations, automation, analytics, and data science is enhanced by the pre-integration of e2Value with DigitalEdge Insurance Platform. We have several shared clients already taking advantage of this integration,” shares Arvind Kaushal, Co-Founder and CEO of Cogitate.

“The impact of inflation, supply chain, and labor markets vary considerably by region. This is really forcing insurers to obtain granular, localized data to truly reflect replacement costs. Reinsurers are demanding the details and putting pressure on insurers to illustrate their capabilities. We draw on public and private data sources and our deep data to ensure that our property values are current. Local variations in wages, material costs, building codes, and requirements are all factored into our proprietary modeling. Today insurers need this information all in a unified system, and pre-integration with Cogitate brings this information seamlessly into the submission and underwriting process,” explains Todd Rissel, CEO of e2Value.

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