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Insurance-To-Value (ITV) is necessary in order to limit the impact to property owners after a disaster, whether natural or man-made. Insuring residential, commercial or farm structures to provide accurate coverage allows property owners to recover more easily. Todd Rissel speaks about this topic in the USA Today article, Property valuation company reveals why insurance consumers should get the right coverage.

e2Value is celebrating its 23rd year anniversary as a provider of web-based property valuation solutions. The company has advanced over those 23 years, along with the evolution of technology, to reduce a final property valuation decision from 90 days to three minutes. Read the New York Weekly article e2Value announces 23 year anniversary in the face of rapidly emerging technologies.

Whether you are looking for valuations for high-value homes, Mainstreet® homes, condos, co-ops, commercial properties, manufactured homes, log cabins, or farms and ranches, our patented estimator can quickly calculate the cost of replacing a residential, commercial or farm structure and provide you with a fast, cost-effective and accurate replacement cost valuation. Contact us for more information.