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In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson officially established June 14 as Flag Day. It is not an official federal holiday; it is a day of national observance. Flag Day celebrates the day in 1777 when Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official United States flag.

Do you know the answers to these flag questions?

What do the red, white and blue colors represent?
• Red for valor and hardiness
• White for purity and innocence
• Blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice

How many versions of the flag have there been since 1777?
• There have been 27 versions. The current version was adopted in 1960.

How many American flags have been to the moon?
• There have been six placed on the moon.

Which is the only state that observes Flag Day as a state holiday?
• Only Pennsylvania recognizes it as a legal holiday.

What is the term for a flag flown at half staff on a ship?
• It is called “half-mast.”

When was the last—50th—star added?
• It was added in 1960 after Hawaii joined as the 50th state in 1959.

Should a U.S. flag be flown at night?
• While the flag is usually only flown during the day if it is well-lit it can remain out at night.

If you plan to fly the flag and need guidance on the rules for displaying the flag, here is a site that can help you.