Are Your Passwords Too Easy?

Create a secure password

We are all security conscious these days. It’s no longer just enough to make sure someone isn’t standing too close at the ATM machine or the check out line when we use our credit card. Our concerns center around online threats, which are invisible to most of us.

Multi-factor authentication is one way to prevent unauthorized access to accounts. Checking that an email actually came from someone you know before clicking on a link or attachment in the email, is another.

One of the easiest ways to secure your online accounts is to create a good—no, make that an excellent—password. Many of us may find it’s inconvenient to create an excellent password due to the additional work and difficulty remembering it. So, for convenience we opt for an easy to remember one. We use our birth date, name, the current year, ‘password123’, a keyboard path such as qwerty, or other easy to remember password. That is the reason why they are easy for hackers to guess them. Convenient but not secure!

However, it’s not that difficult to have both convenience and security. Here are some tips for developing a password that is both.

The basic tips about creating a good password are: 1) Length: make it 12 characters or longer. 2)  Use a mix of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special symbols. 3) Choose random words, perhaps separated by punctuation or special symbols.

The password could also be a phrase that is memorable to you instead of just a word. Just make sure it is not a famous phrase, which could make it easy to guess. For example, ILoveP!zza2Chee5es or Lap$Pools8Are$Fun8

We’ve found a few websites that provide additional helpful tips about what makes a good and a not-so-good password.

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How to create a good and strong password

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