Wheaton, Illinois (Sept. 09, 2006) — The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) is expanding the property valuation services provided by e2Value, Inc. and available to its member companies that use the organization’s AAISdirect Internet service.

AAIS is a national advisory organization that develops policy forms and rating information used by more than 600 property/casualty companies throughout the U.S. Its AAISdirect service provides online access to AAIS’s forms, manuals, bulletins, and other materials, plus access to complementary risk information services developed by other organizations.

Effective immediately, all insurers that use the AAIS Homeowners, Mobile-Homeowners, and Dwelling Properties programs will have access through AAISdirect to e2Value’s “Residential” online property valuation service. e2Value is a leading developer of automated valuation applications.

The service provides systematic valuation procedures for a wide range of residential property, including high value homes, modular and kit homes, condos and co-ops, alterations and additions, and more.

This marks the latest step in an ongoing expansion of services provided to AAIS affiliates through AAISdirect. Since November 2005, AAIS Farmowners and Farm Properties affiliates have had access to e2Value’s “Farm & Ranch Estimator” application, one of the first programs to implement automated valuation for farm property.

These online services, provided without additional charge to AAISdirect users, allow carriers to estimate insured values quickly and systematically, helping them improve their insurance to value ratios and collect the appropriate premium for their exposures.

The latest expansion of AAISdirect service will also allow agents of AAIS Homeowners, Mobile-Homeowners, and Dwelling Properties affiliates to continue to access the Residential valuation service. Likewise, agents of AAIS Farmowners and Farm Properties affiliates can now access the Farm & Ranch Estimator.

Agent access will reduce the time needed to process applications and provide more timely, accurate quotes.

The e2Value applications and agent access will be provided without additional charge to AAISdirect users for the appropriate lines.

“Our mission is to be the valuation model of choice for the insurance industry,” says Todd Rissel, CEO of e2Value, Inc. “It is clear to us that AAIS is highly focused on satisfying the needs of their affiliates and presenting them with cutting edge service and technology-based opportunities. We’re pleased to expand our relationship with AAIS for the benefit of the insurance industry.”

“AAIS is committed to making AAISdirect an indispensable resource of AAIS materials plus complementary services for evaluating and pricing risks,” says Paul Baiocchi, president of AAIS.

For information on affiliating with AAIS for use of its personal lies or farm programs, or to sign up for AAISdirect service, contact Rick Maka, director of marketing, at rickm@AAISonline.com or by calling 800/564-AAIS. For more information about e2Value, visit www.e2value.com or call 888-371-2788.

About e2Value, Inc

e2Value®, Inc. is a full-service application development, insurance consulting, strategic technology partner and provider, offering products to assist with Insurance-To-Value (ITV) and workflow solutions. Founded in 1999 by former insurance executives and based in Stamford, CT, e2Value is the leading hosted application provider delivering replacement cost valuations over the web for all residential, commercial and farm and ranch properties in the United States. The company offers full-featured, knowledge-based Internet applications for insurance, real estate and banking professionals that enable consistency and standardization of pricing, processes and procedures. e2Value provides a tool that tracks through the entire sales -> valuation -> final claim process via an application that maximizes the latest available technology, and provides quick and easy updates without a significant investment in software or infrastructure. Its customers range from the world’s leading insurance companies to one-person insurance agencies, as well as banks, property appraisers and risk managers. For information visit www.e2value.com, or contact sales@e2value.com or 888-371-2788.